Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. acquires Minority Quota of Mercurio S.r.l. Corporate Capital


Kawasaki Gas Turbine Europe GmbH (“KGE”) announced today that Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd, KGE’s parent company based in Japan and the leader of Kawasaki Group (“Kawasaki”), has acquired a minority quota of the corporate capital of Mercurio s.r.l. (“Mercurio”), an engineering and services company based in Verbania, Italy, engaged in the design, construction, commissioning and maintenance of energy production plants, in particular high-efficiency cogeneration plants, and fiberglass machineries manufacturing and processing to further develop and strengthen their long-term partnership to further expand the both companies’ businesses in the energy-efficient solution field in Europe.

Ever since concluding an agreement on business collaboration between KGE and Mercurio in 2016, the partnership between Kawasaki and Mercurio has included marketing, engineering, after-sales support, and maintenance services by Mercurio for Kawasaki gas turbines and gas engines in the Italian market. The partnership has rapidly developed Kawasaki’s energy-related business over the years and has been characterized by continuous growth in numbers and mutual trust.

By strengthening their bonds and aligning the strength of Kawasaki's various products, including high-efficiency gas engines and gas turbines as well as hydrogen-fueled gas turbines, with Mercurio’s dedicated focus and expertise as an engineering and services company with an entrepreneurial culture, the business and capital alliance between Kawasaki and Mercurio is expected to accelerate growth for both companies in the energy-related industry in the whole Europe.

Furthermore, Kawasaki will continue to pursue reliable energy supplies, environmental load reductions, and efforts toward realizing a low- and zero-carbon-emission society while striving to address a diverse array of market needs precisely.