The Kawasaki Heavy Industries Group manufactures a vast array of products that demonstrate technological mastery of the land, sea, air and outer space.

Its aerospace business offers various products ranging from aircraft to satellites, while the shipbuilding business provides LNG and LPG carriers, submarines and other vessels. Japan's Shinkansen trains and New York City's subway cars are just two examples of its rolling stock business' famed global offerings, just as gas turbines and biomass power plants headline the energy plant and facilities business. The Group also supplies many products that demonstrate its expertise in engineering, such as industrial plants, environmental protection facilities, industrial equipment, construction machinery and steel structures.

The Group's unique ability to cover a broad range of businesses is also demonstrated by such world famous consumer products as Kawasaki-brand motorcycles, ATVs and Jet SkiĀ® personal watercraft.
Kawasaki's Gas Turbine Division manufactures jet engines and gas turbine generation systems using proprietary technologies developed by Kawasaki in its jet engine business.

The Machinery Division supplies the world with a variety of industrial machines, from turbines and diesel engines for land and sea to aero- and hydro-power machinery.
Kawasaki's latest environmentally efficient products include its Green Gas Turbine and Green Gas Engine. For the fiscal year 2019, with its worldwide over 36,300 employees, Kawasaki Heavy Industries reaches a gross profit of about 15.5 Billion US-Dollar.