Kawasaki's 1.8 MW Dry Hydrogen Gas Turbine, GPB17MMX, Wins "Hydrogen Technology of the Year 2024" Award


30 Apr 2024.

Kawasaki's 1.8 MW dry hydrogen gas turbine, GPB17MMX, has received the prestigious "Hydrogen Technology of the Year 2024" award at Connecting Green Hydrogen MENA 2024, part of The Hydrogen Future Awards.


This event, the largest of its kind in the Middle East, attracts over 3000 decision-makers, energy ministers, and business representatives from more than 50 countries. The award acknowledges cutting-edge advancements that have positively impacted the hydrogen industry across production, storage, transport, and applications. Notably, this marks Kawasaki's next major recognition, following its 2022 Innovation Award from the German Gas Association for hydrogen gas turbine technology.

Hydrogen has the advantage of emitting no CO2 when combusted, but it also burns faster and at higher temperatures than natural gas, leading to issues such as increased NOx emissions and overheating of combustor components.

By uniquely combining Micromix (MMX) combustion and supplemental combustion, Kawasaki has succeeded in developing a dry-type hydrogen combustor (referred to as 'MMX combustor') that addresses these issues and is the first in the world to commercialize it. This enables stable and clean operation in compliance with the Air Pollution Control Act even with hydrogen combustion. Additionally, the system can be operated flexibly in accordance with the hydrogen supply, as it can utilize hydrogen at any ratio from 50% to 100% by volume for hydrogen and natural gas co-firing operations.

The award was given in recognition of the significant contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions through the commercialization of the world's first gas turbine equipped with MMX combustor, which is capable of dry hydrogen firing.

Kawasaki plans to implement MMX combustion technology for all Kawasaki gas turbines for cogeneration and balancing/peaker systems that Kawasaki sells by 2030.

MMX combustor utilizes the technology developed as part of NEDO's (New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organisation) 'Hydrogen Society Development Project'.

About The Hydrogen Future Awards 2024:


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The world’s 1st industrial DLE Hydrogen Gas Turbine in commercial operation - supplied by Kawasaki.

Kawasaki Gas Turbine Europe’s successful commissioning of the world’s first commercial 30% DLE Hydrogen Gas Turbine Generator Set GPB17D-H2 at Chevron Phillips Chemical in Belgium.

Chevron Phillips Chemical International N.V. (CPChem) is a subsidiary of Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LLC, one of the world’s top producer of olefins and polyolefins and a leading supplier of aromatics, alpha olefins, styrenics, specialty chemicals, plastic piping and polymer resins. In Belgium, the company owns and operates a plant in Tessenderlo which produces organic sulfur compounds. The manufacture of these products and the associated chemical processes result in a Hydrogen rich purge stream, valuable excess Hydrogen that can be used to save energy and to decarbonize the energy demand effectively.

In March 2021, Kawasaki Gas Turbine Europe installed a standard natural gas fired DLE (Dry Low Emission) Gas Turbine GPB17D with an electrical power of 1,8 MWe at CPChem’s Tessenderlo plant.

In October 2023, the existing standard DLE System was modified to a 30vol% H2 DLE that can be fed by the Hydrogen generated as a by-product on site. Thanks to this new system that was implemented and commissioned during a standard maintenance, NOx emissions are maintained below 15 ppm@O2=15%. Since then, this Gas Turbine has been the world’s first Gas Turbine to run fully flexible in the range of 0-30vol% Hydrogen capability.

The performance of the Kawasaki Hydrogen burner technology will make it possible in the future to use the Kawasaki Hydrogen Gas Turbine Micro-Mix technology at the site, which can burn up to 100vol% Hydrogen.


Press release - The world`s first industrial DLE Hydrogen Gas Turbine in commercial operation...


Nehringstrasse 15, 61352 Bad Homburg, Germany

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The impressive story behind the successful retro fit and commissioning at Chevron Phillips Chemical in Belgium for the commercial operation of the world's first gas turbine that can be operated flexibly from 0-30 vol.% HYDROGEN.

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Kawasaki Day – Hydrogen ready!


Kawasaki Gas Turbine Europe presents hydrogen-capable solutions for industrial gas turbines at the Kawasaki Day.

Bad Homburg, 16 June 2023 - Kawasaki Gas Turbine Europe, a leading supplier of advanced gas turbine solutions, showcased its state-of-the-art hydrogen-capable technology at the highly anticipated Kawasaki Day at the renowned Kurhaus Bad Homburg on 13 June.

Forward-Looking Technology

As the global energy landscape rapidly evolves, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. and its German subsidiary Kawasaki Gas Turbine Europe continue to lead the way in the development and deployment of sustainable hydrogen-based energy solutions. Kawasaki looks at the entire value chain for hydrogen applications and has developed different technologies for each link in the chain. The value chain ranges from hydrogen production, storage, overland and overseas transportation to the use of hydrogen via gas turbines, gas engines.
During the event, which was fully booked with over 100 participants, industry experts, government representatives and key stakeholders witnessed the presentation of Kawasaki's latest gas turbine models, including hydrogen-capable ones. These represent the future seamless integration of hydrogen into the existing power and heat generation infrastructure.


High-Profile Guest Speakers

In addition to exciting presentations from Kawasaki on which is already possible in the field of hydrogen use, other top-class speakers such as Ms. Meier, senior expert for the energy transition from dena, Dr. Jörg Leicher from the Gas und Wärme-Institut Essen, Mr. Marcus Gailfuß from BHKW-Consult, Mr. Gregor Herklotz from RWE, and Mr. Max Höllmann from Graforce GmbH. They all painted a comprehensive picture of the current hydrogen landscape.

In his guest speech, Mr. Jens Deutschendorf, State Secretary in the Hessian Ministry of Economics, Energy, Transport and Housing and representative of the Hessian state government, emphasised: "Green hydrogen will play a central role in the future climate-friendly energy supply - for example in air traffic and in industrial processes that cannot be directly electrified, but also as a storage medium for wind and solar energy. However, generation capacities and distribution grids still need to be built up, so hydrogen will only gradually replace fossil fuels. Flexible systems like Kawasaki is developing will help us in this transition period."

Mr. Koji Terauchi, Managing Director of Kawasaki Gas Turbine Europe, expressed his enthusiasm for the event: "Kawasaki Day provided us with an exceptional opportunity to showcase our state-of-the-art hydrogen-capable solutions to a high-profile audience. We are proud to be at the forefront of the energy transition and remain committed to providing sustainable and reliable power and heat generation solutions."

Conclusion: Kawasaki Day served as a platform to clearly underline the company's commitment to promoting the use of hydrogen as a clean, efficient and forward-looking energy source.


Press release Kawasaki Day - Hydrogen ready


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January 2023

Decarbonization of industry and fossil fuels

Graforce and Kawasaki Gas Turbine Europe collaborate on zero carbon heat-power cogeneration solutions

Berlin, January 24, 2023 – Graforce, Germany’s leading provider of zero carbon hydrogen plants, and Kawasaki Gas Turbine Europe GmbH (Kawasaki), a European gas turbine and heat-power cogeneration business, are cooperating for zero-emission heat and power generation. The joint innovative plant concept combines Graforce's methane electrolysis technology (plasmalysis) with hydrogen turbines from Kawasaki. First customer projects for this zero carbon heat and power solution are in the works.

“Our joint zero-emission plant is a breakthrough for the decarbonization of both, fossil fuels and manufacturing industries”, explains Dr. Jens Hanke, CTO of Graforce. “This technology generates CO2-free high-temperature heat via hydrogen, the carbon black is used as a raw material in production, and – best of all, the process is self-sufficient and does not need further electricity after having been started. This in turn relieves the strain on power grids.”

Decarbonization of industrial processes
The new plant solution generates hydrogen from biomethane, natural gas, LNG or LPG by methane electrolysis technology. The hydrocarbons will remain the initial source, but instead of being burnt, a high frequency plasma splits the hydrocarbons into CO2-free hydrogen and carbon black.

The hydrogen is converted to electricity in Kawasaki's hydrogen gas turbine and reused for hydrogen production in the plasma electrolyzer. The ultra-high temperature CO2-free exhaust gas from the hydrogen gas turbine can be used in production processes in various industries. Companies that previously generated high-temperature heat with natural gas can significantly increase their overall efficiency while reducing their gas and especially electricity costs.

Carbon black is used as a synthetic raw material for industrial production. This way, CO2 can be sequestered long-term in steel, cement or for soil enhancement. For industries which require both high temperatures and large quantities of carbon black for production this process pays off twice – in terms of climate protection and cost-effectiveness.

Beyond industry, this hydrogen-based heat-power cogeneration plant can be used for CO2-free heating in surrounding urban areas.

Both technologies were awarded with the Innovation Award of the German Gas Industry, in 2020 and 2022.

Press release Graforce and Kawasaki Gas Turbine Europe



Kawasaki Gas Turbine Europe will soon take into operation a Gas Turbine Generator Set GPB17D-H2 with 30% Hydrogen at Chevron Phillips Chemical in Tessenderlo, Belgium.

Chevron Phillips Chemical is one of the world’s producers of olefins and polyolefins and a leading supplier of aromatics, alpha olefins, styrenics, specialty chemicals, plastic piping and polymer resins. During the production of these products and the associated chemical processes, hydrogen, a valuable by-product is often generated.

In March 2021, Kawasaki Gas Turbine Europe successfully installed the standard natural gas fired DLE (Dry Low Emission) Gas Turbine Generator Set (GTGS) with an electrical power of 1,8 Mwe at Chevron Phillips Chemical’s Tessenderlo site.

“Our goal, with the installation of this GTGS, is to use hydrogen resulting from our current manufacturing process, to save energy and to decarbonize the energy demand effectively.” explains Ives Mertens, Technical Manager at Chevron Phillips Chemical. The amount of hydrogen generated as a by-product is sufficient to cover a hydrogen-fuelled GTGS operation up to 30vol% H2.

In July 2023, Kawasaki Gas Turbine Europe plans to implement the necessary modifications of the existing standard DLE System to the 30vol% H2 DLE system, to maintain the NOx emissions below 15 ppm@O2=15%, during a planned standard maintenance. Engineering and planning for this modification are currently ongoing.

Furthermore, the GTGS can be equipped with the so-called “DLE-Micro-Mix Combustor” (MMX), the world 1st DLE combustor for hydrogen application up to 100% hydrogen developed by Kawasaki. By achieving a supply of 100% hydrogen, the entire electricity and heat production will be decarbonized.

Press release Kawasaki-Chevron PDF





October 2022

Kawasaki Gas Turbine Europe GmbH has won the Innovation Award of the German gas industry in the category "Efficient Application Technology".

In the future, in addition to hydrogen, the combustion of other gases such as natural gas, biogas, syngases or gas mixtures will also be possible. The increased fuel flexibility will make micro-mix burner technology (MMX) even more attractive and competitive in the future. Kawasaki Gas Turbine Europe and its scientific partners have successfully met a major challenge. The gas turbine combustors, which can run on hydrogen and up to 50 percent methane, represent an important contribution to CO2-free power supply and to making our future energy supply more flexible.

Development of innovative hydrogen combustion systems for industrial gas turbines
In combination with the use of renewable energy sources, hydrogen represents an alternative gas turbine fuel in future low-emission power generation. Due to the large difference in the physical properties of hydrogen compared to other fuels such as natural gas, already established dry-low emission (DLE) gas turbine combustion systems cannot be directly used for hydrogen combustion. Therefore, the development of DLE hydrogen combustion technologies is a key challenge for the future of hydrogen-fueled gas turbines.
Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. (KHI) has taken up this challenge and developed and tested three different hydrogen combustion systems based on the GPB17 gas turbine unit over the past decade.
The diffusion combustor is characterized by its highly flexible mode of operation. It can be operated with 100% hydrogen as well as with 100% natural gas. In addition, any gas mixtures of hydrogen and natural gas can be set. To achieve low NOx emissions, water is additionally injected into the combustion chamber.

The first gas turbine with a diffusion combustor was installed as part of the research project "Development of smart community technology by Utilization of Hydrogen CGS (Co-Generation System)" in Kobe/Japan. This research project was supported by the Japanese organization NEDO (New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization). The successful commissioning of the world's first demonstration plant with a hydrogen gas turbine took place in Kobe on April 19, 2018.


Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd., in cooperation with the FH Aachen, B&B-AGEMA and the Institute for Steam- and Gas Turbines at the RWTH Aachen has developed and successfully tested a DLE hydrogen combustion system for burning 100% hydrogen. The innovative combustion system achieves significantly lower NOx emissions than conventional combustion systems over the entire load range. In addition, there is inherent safety against flash-back.
The current MMX technology has been developed and optimized for the combustion of pure hydrogen only. In the future, combustion of other gases such as natural gas, biogas, syngas or gas mixtures will also be possible. The increased fuel flexibility will make MMX technology even more attractive and competitive in the future.

The Innovation Award Winners 2022

Press release Innovation Award 2022 German Gas Industry




The Kawasaki Gas Turbine Europe Innovation Award Project video





Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. acquires Minority Quota of Mercurio S.r.l. Corporate Capital


Kawasaki Gas Turbine Europe GmbH (“KGE”) announced today that Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd, KGE’s parent company based in Japan and the leader of Kawasaki Group (“Kawasaki”), has acquired a minority quota of the corporate capital of Mercurio s.r.l. (“Mercurio”), an engineering and services company based in Verbania, Italy, engaged in the design, construction, commissioning and maintenance of energy production plants, in particular high-efficiency cogeneration plants, and fiberglass machineries manufacturing and processing to further develop and strengthen their long-term partnership to further expand the both companies’ businesses in the energy-efficient solution field in Europe.

Ever since concluding an agreement on business collaboration between KGE and Mercurio in 2016, the partnership between Kawasaki and Mercurio has included marketing, engineering, after-sales support, and maintenance services by Mercurio for Kawasaki gas turbines and gas engines in the Italian market. The partnership has rapidly developed Kawasaki’s energy-related business over the years and has been characterized by continuous growth in numbers and mutual trust.

By strengthening their bonds and aligning the strength of Kawasaki's various products, including high-efficiency gas engines and gas turbines as well as hydrogen-fueled gas turbines, with Mercurio’s dedicated focus and expertise as an engineering and services company with an entrepreneurial culture, the business and capital alliance between Kawasaki and Mercurio is expected to accelerate growth for both companies in the energy-related industry in the whole Europe.

Furthermore, Kawasaki will continue to pursue reliable energy supplies, environmental load reductions, and efforts toward realizing a low- and zero-carbon-emission society while striving to address a diverse array of market needs precisely.



Special Issue on Hydrogen Energy Supply Chain

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Kawasaki launched the the NEW Gas Engine KG-18-T with worlds highest electrical Efficiency...

(full data sheet is available at our download area)

Kawasaki Vision for the Future

Today, our society is mostly dependent for energy on fossil fuels such as petroleum or natural gas.
This is causing the serious environmental problem of global warming and the risk of natural resource depletion. “Hydrogen Energy” offers a solution for securing a stable energy supply and the preservation of the global environment.

Hydrogen has been referred to as the “Ultimate Clean Energy.” It can be used like petroleum as fuel to power automobiles, and like natural gas to generate electricity.
Besides, unlike fossil fuels, hydrogen does not emit carbon dioxide when combusted to produce energy.
We will be able to continue to drive cars and use electricity with hydrogen.
Our daily lives will not change. But thanks to hydrogen energy, our society can be changed dramatically.

Through hydrogen energy, Kawasaki hopes to bring a new future to the people of the world.
This initiative, which draws on the integrated capabilities of the whole Kawasaki Group, has already started.

If you want to know more about the Kawasaki Hydrogen Road please follow the link below:




follow this link to the article and the official Facebook Site of the Ministerul Dezvoltării Regionale și Administrației Publice - Romania


The M5A-01D Gas Turbine achieves the world`s best electrical efficiency and environmental performance in the 5 MW class with lightweight, cpmpact design.

Please read here:

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Product link Kawasaki Gas Turbine Europe



Recently we proudly held our opening ceremony for our official Romanian Office in Bucharest. The Romanian Office was opened with an official japanese Kampai ceremony in front of many guests.

This Office in Bucharest giving us the opportunity to act more powerful and efficient in the Romanian market and of course in the promising south eastern region of Europe as well.

Kawasaki Gas Turbine Europe GmbH
Romanian Office

Mr. Cristian Athanasovici
Union International Business Center
Str. Ion Campineanu Nr.11, Sector 1
010031 Bucuresti, Romania
Phone: +40(0)374 645915
Fax: +40(0)374 094901
E-mail: athanasovici@kge-gmbh.com


Gas Turbine L30 now available as uprate version: 34.3 MWe electrical power with 40.3% electrical efficiency !

World's First Heat and Electricity Supplied in an Urban Area Using 100% Hydrogen. The NEDO project with KAWASAKI Heavy Industries in Kobe and the Obayashi Corp.

- Towards Establishing Optimal Energy Control Technology in Local Communities-
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high efficient CHP - how it works...

NEW scientific article regarding the enhanced fuel flexibilty of industrial Gas Turbines by development of innovative hydrogen combustion systems.

Please feel free to read the article here: files/Hydrogen_as_fuel_for_GT.pdf

or download the article in our download area!


In this year`s summer, Kawasaki Gas Turbine Europe GmbH celebrates it`s 20 years Anniversary!



Impressions from the 20 Years Anniversary Party...

Diploma for the participation at MOLDENERGY 2018 received from MOLDEXPO

From now on you are able to ckeck here http://www.kawasaki-gasturbine.de/en/company/exhibition-schedule

where and when Kawasaki Gas Turbine Europe will attend to national and international exhibitions. Of course, this categorie will always be kept up to date.


KGE exhibits with its italian Partner Mercurio200 at Key Energy Exhibition in Rimini/Italy from November 7th - 10th

in Pavillon 5, Booth 154. Feel free to visit us!


The KAWASAKI path to Hydrogen - perspective on Hydrogen combustion in Gas Turbines


New and coming soon: Best and State of the Art in its class! Environmentally friendly due to lowest NOx emissions. Longer maintenance intervalls and best maintenance-friendlieness. Compact design.

Click here to read more: http://bit.ly/2v73m8v

Discover the various fields of application of the NEW Kawasaki Gas Engines. Generating electricity, steam, hot and chilled water - all at an incomparable high efficiency, lowest NOx emissions and long maintenance intervals!

Kawasaki Gas Turbine Europe GmbH will participate within the Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd. Group stand at Hannover Messe 2017 from April 24th to 28th.
It is the first time that Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd. is presenting its European divisions Kawasaki Heavy Industries (UK) Ltd., Kawasaki Gas Turbine Europe GmbH, Kawasaki Robotics GmbH, Kawasaki Precision Machinery (UK) Ltd.-Hydraulic Systems & Components, Kawasaki Heavy Industries (Europe) B.V. and Kawasaki Motors Europe N.V. to the public under one umbrella on a more than 400 sqm big and impressive stand in Hall 17 at booth A42.



The "Beauty" - Co-Generation plant model with KAWASAKI Gas Turbine GPB80D

10 KAWASAKI Green Products Registered Including 9 Products at the Top Level Of Industry

>> http://bit.ly/2fBV4yg

Origin: Kawasaki Heavy Industries Quarterley News, Scope No.101

The story of Project K is the story of how Kawasaki and its customers are opening up new possibilities for people around the world by tackling some of the problems facing the world.
This movie describes the 30MW class world's most efficient gas turbine development with Daicel Corporation


Kawasaki gas turbines apply the highly precise manufacturing technologies used in the jet engines of aircrafts. From design to manufacturing to after service, we perpetually use our own technological know-how to refine and evolve the outcome. Unrivaled technological prowess and the people who possess and improve upon it -- they are the foundation of Kawasaki's excellence in quality.

KAWASAKI Gas Turbine Europe GmbH again at this year`s Power-Gen Europe in Cologne! 03.06.2014 - 05.06.2014 Hall 7 booth T34!!!

Power range up to 5 MWe

currently in february 2014 a gas Turbine GPB17D isn in hot commissioning for the Municipality Stadtwerke Bernau. Further, shortly before turn 2013/14 KGE agreed and signed contract for one GPB17D with the company CP Kelco.

More GPB17D`s in 2014 to come...


Power range up to 10 MWe

In this Power range KGE can look at a much more succesful year 2013!

After long but fruitful negotiations finally a Gas Turbine GPB60PLUS with steam injection was sold to the company AWS Group as a pilot for the printing industry.

Following an installation of one GPB80D in 2013 for the food company Cargill Deutschland, one unit GPB80D for the Energy provider Vattenfall in Berlin and 2 more units GPB80D with, last but not least, an option of a third GPB80D for the health care company Fresenius Medical Care in St.Wendel!


We would say - pretty succesful performance in 2013 by KGE.


Bringing-In one of two KAWASAKI Gas Turbine Generator Sets GPB80D for the company Kronos Titan in Nordenham.

Bringing-In of one KAWASAKI Gas Turbine Generator Set GPB80D for the company BASF in Lampertheim / Germany.

Bringing-In of one KAWASAKI Gas Turbine GPB80D for the company Sasol Wax GmbH in Hamburg / Germany

Bringing-In of one KAWASAKI Gas Turbine GPB60D for the romanian company PREFAB in Calarasi / Romania.

KAWASAKI Gas Turbine Europe GmbH:  A look back at the year's 2012 successful events !


Power range up to 5 MWe

After  successful commissioning of the first european  Gas Turbine Generator Set GPB17 for Industrielle Werke Basel in March 2012, a further additional successful commissioning for one GPB17D for the company Wernsing Feinkost GmbH in July 2012 took place. In the same company a second GPB17D will be commissioned soon. As well as a further commissioning of a GPB17D for the company J.Rettenmaier & Söhne  will happen soon.

As a matter of fact that the Gas Turbine Generator Set GPB17D is a very strong product in its Power range 2 further contracts for GPB17D shown by the companies Nickelhütte Aue and Stadtwerke Bernau – both projects currently in execution.


Power range up to 10 MWe

As well as in the Power range up to 10 MWe KAWASAKI Gas Turbine Europe GmbH can look back successfully to 2012!

After contract signature and successfully commissioning of one Gas Turbine Generator Set GPB60D recently in Romania for the company PREFAB, there will be another commissioning for one Gas Turbine Generator Set GPB80D for the municipal utilities of Bacau.

Further KAWASAKI Gas Turbine Europe GmbH is proud to get domestic contracts in 2012 for the successful Gas Turbine Generator Set GPB80D from the companies Sasol Wax GmbH, KRONOS Titan 2xGPB80D and BASF 1xGPB80D incl. Heat Recovery Steam Generator, Gas Compressor and balance of plant.

Kawasaki Heavy Industries (KHI) has announced that it had completed the development of a 30MW gas turbine - Kawasaki L30A as one of World’s highest efficiency model in this class, and has launched in the market worldwide in June 2012 at Power Gen Europe in Cologne/Germany.

Combining Kawasaki's long-cultivated expertise in developing small and medium size industrial gas turbines, delivered over 10,000 units, and its highly sophisticated elemental technology in the area of aircraft engines, the L30A offers the following features:

1)    A world-leading generating efficiency of more than 40%, achieved through such improvements as a higher compressor pressure ratio, newly-developed heat resisting materials, and enhanced turbine cooling technologies.

2)    A proprietary Dry Low Emission (DLE) combustion system for keeping NOx emissions below 15 ppm (O2=15%)—the lowest emission level in the world.

3)    A structure offering excellent maintainability, based on the latest technologies and know-how cultivated through the development of KHI’s current and previous models. By adopting the optimal maintenance cycle proposed by Kawasaki, life cycle costs can be significantly reduced.

In the market worldwide, the issue of energy security became highly evident and the need for the on-site power generation has been increasing, also, such considerably potential demand is highly expected because of an ever-increasing power demand, increasingly stringent environmental protection regulations. The L30A is able to provide a flexible solution for such demands as an ideal gas turbine combined with a waste-heat recovery boiler in a cogeneration and combined heat and power (CHP) plant with steam turbine.

Foto: UI/Eckold

Mit neuer Turbine innovativ Gas geben

Eine lang ersehnte Lieferung erreichte am 18. August den Neubau des Zentrums für Energietechnik der TUD: die neue 600-KW-Gasturbine. Das 12,5 t schwere Aggregat von Kawasaki wurde pünktlich ab 8 Uhr vom Tieflader in seinen künftigen Standort gehoben. Die Turbine ist Kern eines innovativen Kraftwerksprozesses, der im Zentrum demonstriert und untersucht werden soll. Es handelt sich dabei um einen integrierten Gas-Dampf-Prozess mit Wasserrückgewinnung. Die Anlage wird eine wichtige Rolle für studentische Praktika übernehmen und dient auch internen Versorgungsaufgaben im Campus. Sie kostet 1,2 Millionen Euro, die zu gleichen Teilen durch die Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft und den Freistaat Sachsen aufgebracht werden.

Reference: „Dresdner Universitätsjournal 21.Jahrgang Nr.14 vom 21.09.2010“12. – 14. Juni 2012

Article from PEI  - December 2011

"New gas turbine combustor for record low NOx emissions..."