DLE stands for Dry Low Emission and describes a specific combustion technology which generates lowest and dry NOx emissions, which means that there is no steam or water injection necessary. KAWASAKI guarantees these values in the load range 50% - 100%. KAWASAKI offers, depending on various requirements, different combustion systems such as:

25 ppm DLE Systemaccording TA Luft
15 ppm DLE Systemimprovement of the 25ppm combustion system
9 ppm Single Digit DLE SystemSingle Digit as brand new development

Depending on the Gas Turbine machine type the following DLE combustions systems are available:

  • 15 ppm DLE System
  • 9 ppm DLE System
  • 25 ppm DLE System
  • 15 ppm DLE System
  • 9 ppm Single Digit DLE System
  • 25 ppm DLE System
  • 15 ppm DLE System

Bleed-Air for DLE regulation

During the Gas Turbine`s part load operation, in general, to much ambient air will be compressed via the Turbine compressor. Related to specific combustion events in the combustion chamber and the Turbine, required emissions cannot be fulfilled with this air surplus. Due to this, not only the fuel flow will be regulated during part load operation, also a part of the compressor air will be guided past the combustion chamber direct into the exhaust gas duct.