Single Digit! New developed combustion system guarantees Single Digit NOx- values!

The world wide Nitrogen Oxide emissions must be regulated pretty serious because those Nitrogen Oxides have a bad impact to the health of all humans, animals and the vegetation in multiple ways! Beside this, those NOx emissions are also forerunner substances which promote the generation of ground near Ozon and “secondary fine dust”, further they act as overfertiliser and acidifier. Its clear that their indirect damage to vegetation and soil is massive.

KAWASAKI Heavy Industries (KHI) developed for its 8 MWe and 1.7 MWe class Gas Turbine a new Single Digit combustion system which will limit the NOx emissions to 9 ppm ! KAWASAKI is first in the world who guarantees such limited NOx emissions for 8 MWe and 1.7 MWe class Gas Turbines!